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Estate Tag Sale vs. Estate Auction

An  Estate Sale, also called a  Tag Sale in some parts of the country, is a way of liquidating the belongings of a family or estate. These are usually much more than garage or yard sales. They are used when someone is in need of a way to sell items due to  downsizing, moving, divorce, bankruptcy, or death. The public is invited into the home and given the opportunity to  purchase any item that is priced for sale. At times there are items that are not for sale because the family has decided to keep them or new owners of the house have made them part of a contract to buy the house. Estate Auctions are where everything is auctioned instead of being marked with a selling price. 


Time Frame

One factor in deciding between a Tag Sale and an Auction is Time. With an auction, the house can be emptied in a day. With a tag sale, time will be needed for set up, advertising and the sale itself. 

Maximizing Profit

If time does allow, the tag sale method usually results in higher prices realized.

Quality of Estate

Generally speaking, a tag sale will do better if there are collectibles, antiques, or other desirable items. Having a professional consultation will help you decide if the value of the estate warrants a tag sale.

Chosing a Professional

Either way, Estate Tag Sale or Auction Sale, you will need someone with a lot of experience. Tag sale Companies do not require licensure in Ohio. Auction Companies do. Fortunately, Castle Auction & Appraisal has licensed auctioneers and certified appraisers on staff, with tag sale expertise.

Getting the House Empty

Estate Tag sale or Estate Auction, either way your house will be empty in the end. If you choose an auction, it will be emptied to what we call "broom swept"  when we leave. With the Tag sale, all unsold items will be taken to a regular auction.


Parking is a consideration in deciding on which type of sale would be most appropriate . While a tag sale does draw a lot of cars, they don't all necessarily come at one time like at an auction.